The Water Entrepreneur

Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation, founded in 2011, supported several agricultural projects in Myanmar and Guinea. Now we want to use all our knowledge, expertise and funds to face the biggest project so far. But therefore we need your help.

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Clean drinking water for the people of Burma

With Equipment from Eijkelkamp Foundation the people of Burma have acces to clean drinkingwater once again.

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Burmese water quality mapped out

Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation is supporting Lex van Gelder in two water-related projects in Burma (also known as Myanmar).

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From Seed to Crop

Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation supported the agricultural project ‘From Seed to Crop’ of foundation Milly Mamoudou in Guinea.

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Eijkelkamp Foundation supports agricultural project in Myanmar

Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation supported a good cause for the first time by donating a pump with tubes to match.

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